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We are Ken and Annette and we live in the beautiful Okanagan, centrally located in Kelowna. We started our program in Prince George 14 years ago.  When we started our program, we just had our two girls; Tillie and Jilly-bean, 14 years later, here I am still loving what I do and still making beautiful puppies. We have a much larger breeding program now, that is solely ran by just Ken and I.  It is a ton of work but we love it and it shows.  Believe it or not, we only have one Labradoodle that is our forever soul-mate, Lulu, all the rest live in Guardian Homes.  I love my Guardian Homes, we could not do the work and keep such a great schedule without them .  Each and every one of our breeding dogs have amazing lives, filled with attention and love on a daily bases, which is the way every breeder should operate, in my opinion.

Our puppies are all raised in our home.  We have different rooms for different ages and stages of puppy-hood. Our breeding dogs (while at our home) are sleeping with us and spending every moment doing what we do! People call us crazy (they might be right), but we know we are super lucky to have Doodle love everyday.

My husband works full-time elsewhere so at times it is just me and the kids doing all the chores.  Now that my kids are older; ages 20, 16 and 15, I have a little extra help, when needed.  My mom, who lives in Penticton, and my dad who lives in Lake Country, are often here to help as well.  My mom makes all my special Puppy Go-Home Blankets and my sister, Alenna makes all my bags, leashes, collars, and water bowls for the pups.  I love being able to send each and every puppy home with the same unique gifts; that are all handmade with love.

When the kids were younger we could only handle a half a dozen litters a year.  There were other responsibilities with the kids such as sports, schooling and just plan business with them being so young.  Now that they are older, we are able to manage about two or three litters a month.   Keeps me hopping but that is how I like it.  If I get any spare time, I am looking for other things to do, like painting old furniture…this I love to do!  My oldest, Dawson who is now 20, is in his third year of finance.  Kaitlyn, my middle and only girl, is 16.  She struggles with Asperger’s and severe anxiety but she’s doing really good.  Everyday is a new day and everyday she is moving forward.  I love to see her progress so well.  Landon, my baby who is now 15, is still passionate about his hockey; he’s still in high-school.  I am forever grateful for the kids I have.  We have either done a really great job in raising respectful, independent kids or they have just turned out well all on on there own.  

Dogs come into our lives to teach us about love, they depart to teach us about loss. A new dog never replaces the old dog, it mearly expands the heart!

We moved to Kelowna in March of 2017, over five years ago now!   We absolutely love the Okanagan and feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to relocate to such a gorgeous place.  Although we don’t get away often, we do enjoy the hiking and biking the Okanagan has to offer.  Being that we are just a three hour drive to Vancouver, we can get away occasionally for road trips, we all enjoy a good NHL hockey game.  We also love our indoor time, having movie nights or a hockey game, cozied up on the couch. Whatever it may be our pooches are always with us. 

I am 100% confident that you and your family will feel the same way about your Doodle as we feel about ours!

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