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Our Doodle Story

Welcome to Puppy Patch, as lifelong dog lovers, owners and breeders, we take great pride & care in the puppies we breed for you.

Your puppy will get the individual attention and stimulation needed for quality adolescent development. Your newest family member will have hypo-allergenic qualities, an easy-going temperament, amazing train-ability, loyalty and intelligence. These are only a few of the reasons we choose to breed the very best breeds.

All puppies are born and raised in our home, in Kelowna, BC. From an early age, the puppies will be playing with just about everything from our senior girls Tillie and Lulu and our newest addition Harlow, our CKC Bernese girl, plus all our visiting moms and dads throughout the year.  The pups will also be raised with our three cats. Our kids are getting older now but are still actively involved with our puppies from the moment they are born…nothing better than puppy snuggles. These pups will be happy, healthy and strong.  We run the most current genetic panels on all of our breeders. We stay in contact with other premium breeders and breeders forums to keep current with information on puppy development, food, genetics, and any issues that come from the Doodle breeds. We have a written puppy raising protocol that is evolving and changing as we continue to research and experience the best way to prepare our puppies for families and service work. Parents health test results are available for review at any time upon request. We at Puppy Patch are not a kennel or a breeding compound, we are a family home that we share with our dogs. 

Being able to raise the highest quality companion has become a passion of ours.  We are committed to produce the healthiest, the best tempered, the best looking Doodle puppies possible. We have 12 years experience in breeding to help you choose the newest member of your family. Our Doodles are not only best friends and companions but they also are serving many families as therapy and service dogs.  Join our family today and you’ll have a life long relationship with our family.

 Puppy Patch Doodles – Annette

Puppy Patch Bernedoodle and Goldendoodle Pricing and Adoption Process

All Puppy Patch Bernedoodle puppies are $4,000 (plus 12% tax). A deposit of $500 is required to hold a spot on any of our waiting lists, which usually range from two to four months.  All my Goldendoodle puppies are the same price as my Australian Labradoodle puppies $3,500 (plus 12% tax).

If you are interested in purchasing one of our special doodles from our Puppy Patch, please fill out our application. After your puppy application is approved, please submit a non-refundable deposit of $500 to hold your reservation spot.

Once your litter is born, I ask for an additional $500.  Both the deposit of $500 and the $500 given at the time of puppy birth will be deducted from the final purchase price, which is due when your puppy is 6 weeks of age.  The applicable 12% tax will be applied to the final payment at 6 weeks of age.  When your payment is received, you enter into a binding contract with Puppy Patch Labradoodles which will spell out all agreements between seller and buyer, and will provide for the protection of the buyer, seller, and the puppy.

Methods of Payment: We accept E-Transfers, money orders, or PayPal payable to Annette Cameron.

Located in Kelowna, British Columbia, we are within easy driving distance of all BC and Alberta. We are able to ship puppies throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Asia. However, for Europe and Asia we prefer to send the puppy in cabin as carry on. Shipping costs are not included in our prices. Please contact us for more information about flying your puppy home. We can often travel to Vancouver and Prince George for a fee of $200. We may need to bill some transportation costs accordingly which may require transportation to and from the airport, vet certified health certificate, other necessary documentation, and an airline approved crate.

Our Guardian Home program allows for local families to have a top quality pup/adult breeding dog for half the price. The Guardian Home puppy or adult dog is part of the Guardian Home’s family forever, while the breeding rights are retained by Puppy Patch Doodles for a short period of time (each situation is slightly different so we prefer to work out specific details with each family on an individual basis). Once the guardian dog has completed his/her breeding career, he/she will be spayed or neutered at our expense, your guardian adoption deposit is returned in full, and the dog will remain a forever pet of their guardian family!

Thinking of adopting a LABRADOODLE?

If you would like one of these wonderful dogs for your family, please take the time to fill out our owner application.