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Dreamland's Country Boy Baxter

Australian Labradoodle
Loki - Australian Labradoodle

Dreamland’s Country Boy Baxter

First off, isn’t he stunning!  This boy comes to us from my friend Karen at Dreamland Doodles in Vancouver.  Karen knows what I like in a stud and she did so well by allowing him to be part of my program.  We have started this boys testing so we will know in a few weeks if he going to be part of our forever team as a future Stud Muffin.  Baxter lives in the country with his forever Guardian family, where he is loved so much.  He is a solid boy at 30lbs and his coat is to die for.  Not often will chocolates stay deep chocolate, this boy has, which I am very excited about because that will be passed down to his off-spring.  Baxter is outgoing, friendly, loves everyone he meets, heck he would even play with the predators if her were allowed.  Stay tuned as his pups should be coming the summer of 2024.   

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Color: Chocolate phantom
Coat:  wavy fleece coat
Size: medium 18″ and 30lbs
WALA: 00059805
Health: TBA
Sire: Van Isle Diesel Engine at Dreamland
Dam: Dreamland’s Rosie

Loki - Australian Labradoodle
Loki - Australian Labradoodle
Loki - Australian Labradoodle
Loki - Australian Labradoodle

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