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Puppy Patch Brighton's Every Day

F1 Bernedoodle
Loki - Australian Labradoodle

Puppy Patch Brighton’s Every Day

Josie is an absolute sweetheart, incredibly gentle and affectionate. Her adventurous spirit shines through when she goes hiking! However, she also cherishes lazy mornings, snuggling up in bed.  Who new snuggling in bed with a 65lbs Bernedoodle with feel so amazing.

When it comes to making new connections, she takes her time and prefers to be cautious about who she allows into her personal space. But if you offer her treats, she’ll quickly become your best friend.

She adores treats and possesses remarkable intelligence, making her a breeze to train. Learning new things brings her so much joy!

Her love extends to other dogs, particularly puppies. She has all the qualities of a nurturing and loving mother-to-be.

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Color: Black tri 
Coat: Wavy fleece coat
Size: 20″ and 65 lbs
Health: OFA Good Hips, Elbows normal, CERF, Clear Paw Print Panel for everything

Loki - Australian Labradoodle
Loki - Australian Labradoodle
Loki - Australian Labradoodle
Loki - Australian Labradoodle

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