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Lulu Lemon of Puppy Patch

Australian Labradoodle


Lulu - Australian Labradoodle

Lulu Lemon of Puppy Patch – ‘Lulu’

Lulu is quality…that is why we picked Lulu Lemon to be her name. Anyone that knows me, knows I love Lulu Lemon. Lulu was our first black girl retained for our breeding program. I love black!  Until you see black in person you will not understand how stunning it is. With Lulu’s laid back personality she has been the easiest pup to train yet. My daughter worked hard to teach her, and at 8 weeks of age she was sitting, lay down, staying, coming, and rolling over. She is so smart I am confident she would make an amazing therapy dog. We have such a love for this little angle we have kept her as one of our own. Lulu has matured to 35lbs and has a stunning shiny soft wavy fleece coat.

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DOB: December 18th, 2013
Breed: Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle
Size: Medium 35lbs
Sire: Avonlee’s Little Treasure
Dam: Avonlee’s Jilly Blue
Coat: Black curly fleece non-shedding BbEe
Health: OFA hips good, OFA elbows normal, PRA normal, vWd normal, CERF normal, cardiac normal, IC clear

Lulu Labradoodle
Lulu Labradoodle
Lulu Labradoodle
Lulu Labradoodle

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