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Puppy Patch's Offer of Peace

Australian Labradoodle
Loki - Australian Labradoodle

Puppy Patch’s Offer of Peace

Oliver is the life of the party!  He is very social, playful and loves attention.  He is raised with two gentle loving little boys in Prince George.  This lucky little boy is often spending his days with his half sister, Mocha.  The two of them are often at ball games, hockey games, soccer games, you name the sport they are there to watch!

Oliver is a stocky large mini at 28lbs and has a gorgeous satin black coat!  He comes from one of my favourite Labradoodle lines, Stella and Winston!  We will find out this month if Oliver’s testing is good and then he will be part of our Puppy Patch!

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Color: Black
Coat: Wavy fleece
Size: 17″ and 28 lbs
Health: OFA TBA, Elbows TBA, CERF normal, vWD clear, PRA clear, IC clear, DM clear, EIC clear, Vwd clear
Sire: Mountain Park’s Sir Winston 
Dam: Miss Stella Jeans of Puppy Patch

Loki - Australian Labradoodle
Loki - Australian Labradoodle
Loki - Australian Labradoodle
Loki - Australian Labradoodle

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