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Puppy Patch Big Dreams Remington

Australian Labradoodle
Loki - Australian Labradoodle

Big Dreams Remington Puppy Patch

Meet Remington, our sweet and affectionate Labradoodle girl who has brought an abundance of love and joy to her family. Remi holds a special place in her mommy’s heart, especially during the challenging times of breast cancer treatments. Throughout it all, Remi has been a constant source of comfort and support, standing faithfully by her mom’s side.

In addition to her vital role as a pillar of strength, Remi shares her home with her brother, Sammie, who is also part of our Puppy Patch family. The two are inseparable best buddies, except during Remi’s occasional assertive moments (her heat cycles) when she puts Sammie in his place, showcasing her strong-willed yet endearing nature.

Remi boasts a luxuriously soft fleece coat that invites cuddles and affection. Standing at a petite 14 inches tall and weighing a delightful 14lbs, she proves that great love comes in small packages. Remington is not just a beloved pet; she’s a cherished member of her family, enriching their lives with her gentle spirit and unwavering companionship.

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Color: Chocolate sable
Coat: Wavy fleece coat
Size: 14″ and 14lbs
WALA: 00078263
Health: OFA Excellent Hips, Elbows normal, CERF, Clear Paw Print Panel for everything
Sire: Moonlit Acres Loki
Dam: Our Covergirl By Puppy Patch Doodlesign Zooey

Loki - Australian Labradoodle
Loki - Australian Labradoodle
Loki - Australian Labradoodle
Loki - Australian Labradoodle

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