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Puppy Patch Musical Teddy Bear

Australian Labradoodle
Teddy - Australian Labradoodle

Puppy Patch Musical Teddy Bear – ‘Teddy’

Meet the precious little Teddy! Puppy Patch’s Teddy is one of many when is comes to our special Australian Labradoodles. She is the daughter of my very first girl Avonlee’s Jilly Blue ‘Jilly-bean’ and her daddy is the handsome Avonlee’s Little Treasure ‘Toker’! Teddy has a superb soft wool fleece light cream coat. She has taken on the best qualities of both her mama and papa, and we could not be more thrilled to add her to our program! Teddy is super intelligent, extremely comical, and makes everyone smile. We feel lucky with this little girl, and so does her guardian family. She is loved by all that meet her and we look forward to seeing incredible puppies that she will produce for us this spring. Teddy carries for a rainbow of colors, depending on who we breed her with. Teddy lives in a wonderful Guardian Home with Saffi and lots of love and attention!

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DOB: June 9, 2012
Breed: Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle
Size: Mini, 17″ high, 25lbs
Sire: Avonlee’s Little Treasure
Dam: Avonlee’s Jilly Blue
Coat: Cream wool fleece , non-shedding
Health : OFA Hips good, OFA Elbows normal, PRA normal, vWd normal, CERF normal, cardiac normal

Teddy Austrailian Labradoodle
Teddy Austrailian Labradoodle
Teddy Austrailian Labradoodle
Teddy Austrailian Labradoodle

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