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Labradoodle Puppies

Available Right Now

This page is our puppy nursery, with photos of our current puppies available for adoption. Some litters may already be fully reserved but we still post them here and on Facebook and Instagram for you.  It is always nice to see our current pups, it also helps to give our new family’s an indication of what we produce here at Puppy Patch!

There are always new litters coming and going so check back often and be sure to fill out our application to get your name on our next reservation list.

Thank you for your interest in my puppies.  We are taking new applications, if you are interested in one of my upcoming litters, please go ahead and fill one out.  If you are planning ahead and wish to hear about my upcoming planned litters, please reach out by emailing me. 

Puppy Patch Glam Rock Bowie & Doodlelane’s Marlon

Expected due date: January 18th, 2023
Expected go home date:  March 15th, 202

Multi-gen Australian Labradoodles
Mini’s 25 lbs

1. Puppy Patch (breeder)
2. Puppy Patch (breeder)
3. Joanne E
4. Dolly P
5. Trisha H

Puppy Patch French Kiss & Moonlit Acres Loki


Date of birth: December 22nd, 2022
Expected go home date:  February 16th, 2023

Multi-gen Australian Labradoodles
Micro mini’s at 15 to 18lb

1. Erin J
2. Pook-Teng Y
3. Marcia W
4. Debbie L
5. open
6. open

Puppy Patch Butterfly Bindi & DoodleLane’s Marlon

Date of birth: December 21st,  2022
Expected go home date:  February 15th, 2023

Multi-gen Australian Labradoodles
Mediums at 30 to 45lbs

1. Puppy Patch (breeder) – Merino
2. Maryam F – Kialla
3. Lynsey L – Adelaide
4. Rebecca B – Timboon
5. Merve B – Bendigo
6. Amelia C – Yarra
7. Stephanie L – Perth
8. Jennifer S – Bundy
9. Courtney C – Greta
10. Jennifer B – Leeman
11. Robin C – Hobart

Puppy Patch Ruby-Belle & Eden Valley Mr. Sullivan

Date of birth: December 18th,  2022
Expected go home date:  February 12th, 202

Multi-gen Australian Labradoodles
Mini’s at 20 to 25lbs

1. Elaine & Greg L – Butterfly
2. Bonnie H – Bumblebee
3. Chris C – Grasshopper
4. Jaswinder G – Dragonfly
5. Sandeep J – Firefly
6. We have Ladybug available!! She is the first puppy in the set below.



Puppy Patch Ratso Rizzo & Puppy Patch Harvest Griffin

Date of birth: December 15th, 2022
Expected go home date:  February 9th, 2023

Multi-gen Australian Labradoodles
Mini’s at 20 to 25lbs

1. Sarah S & Ryan C – Grace
2. Bonnie M – Holly
3. Lori K – Angel
4. open



Thinking of adopting a LABRADOODLE?

If you would like one of these wonderful dogs for your family, please take the time to fill out our owner application.