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Upcoming Goldendoodle/Bernedoodle Puppies

Pairings and the Due Date
Bernedoodle Puppies

Please take note that mother nature participates in all breeding’s. As a result, sometimes the timing of a heat cycle or expected litter doesn’t always work out exactly as planned. Puppy Patch Doodles Inc. reserves the right to use a different stud than originally planned to improve the quality of a litter, and sometimes it may even be necessary to replace an upcoming litter with an entirely different pairing due to the interference of mother nature. Puppy Patch Doodles Inc. accepts between 3 and 4 pet deposits per planned litter, and reserves first right to retain breeding quality puppies for our breeding program.

Our Goldendoodles

Our Bernedoodles

Puppy Patch Climb the Highest Mountain & Moonstruck Rusty

Expected due date: June 26th, 2024
Expected go home date:  August 21st, 2024
Summer Puppies!

F3 Australian Bernedoodles
Mini’s at 25 to 30lbs

1. Puppy Patch (breeder)
2. Trudy H
3. open

4. open
5. open

Puppy Patch Bernedoodle and Goldendoodle Pricing and Adoption Process

Puppy Patch Bernedoodle puppies are priced at $4,000 each, (plus 12% tax). A deposit of $500 is necessary to secure a place on any of our waiting lists, which typically span from two to four months.

All Goldendoodle puppies are priced equally with our Australian Labradoodle puppies at $3,500 each (plus 12% tax)

To secure your spot on our waiting list, a $500 deposit is required. The waiting period usually falls between one to three months, depending on the season.

Should you wish to adopt a Doodle puppy from Puppy Patch, kindly complete our application form. Upon approval of your application, I will guide you through our adoption process, ensuring your comfort with our program. A non-refundable deposit of $500 will then be required to reserve your spot.

At four weeks, an additional payment of $1,000 will be due. Both the initial $500 deposit and the $1,000 payment at four weeks will be deducted from the final purchase price of $3,500 (plus 12% tax). The remaining balance is to be settled when your puppy reaches six weeks of age, inclusive of the applicable 12% tax.

Payment Methods: We accept E-Transfers, money orders, or PayPal payable to Annette Cameron.

Situated in Kelowna, British Columbia, we are conveniently located for customers across BC and Alberta. We offer shipping services throughout the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia, with a preference for in-cabin transportation for Europe and Asia-bound puppies. Shipping costs are not included in our prices; please reach out to us for further details on bringing your puppy home by air. Additionally, we can arrange travel to Vancouver and Prince George for a fee of $300. Additional transportation costs may apply, covering transportation to and from the airport, a veterinarian-certified health certificate, necessary documentation, and an airline-approved crate.

Thinking of adopting a LABRADOODLE?

If you would like one of these wonderful dogs for your family, please take the time to fill out our owner application.