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Upcoming Litters

Pairings and the Due Date

Please take note that Mother Nature participates in all breeding’s. As a result, sometimes the timing of a heat cycle or expected litter doesn’t always work out exactly as planned. Puppy Patch Labradoodles reserves the right to use a different stud than originally planned to improve the quality of a litter, and sometimes it may even be necessary to replace an upcoming litter with an entirely different pairing due to the interference of Mother Nature. Puppy Patch Labradoodles accepts between 3 and 4 pet deposits per planned litter, and reserves first right to retain breeding quality puppies for our breeding program….

Puppy Patch Little Miss Maisy &

Puppy Patch Teddy Loves

Expected Due Date: June 8th, 2018
Go home date: Aug 3rd, 2018

Multigen Standard Goldendoodles
Small Standards at 50 lbs in apricots and reds

This litter is full.

1. Puppy Patch (breeder)
2. Puppy Patch (breeder)
3. Cynthia P (therapy)

4. Danielle F
5. Karen B
6. Christopher L

Puppy Patch Midnight Melody ‘Pipa’ & CD Xbrina’s Blazing Phoenix

Expected Due Date: June 21st, 2018
Go home date: Aug 16th, 2018

Multi-gen Australian Labradoodles
MIni’s at 25 lbs in blacks and chocolates with white markings

This litter is full.

1. Puppy Patch (breeder)
2. Puppy Patch (breeder)
3. Chantel W
4. Rick R
5. Tony L

Puppy Patch Sweet ‘Jorja’ Brown &

Sweet Maple’s ‘Theodore’

Expected Breeding Date: May 2018

Multi-gen Australian Labradoodles
Mini’s at 18 lbs in reds and apricots

This litter is full.

1. Puppy Patch (breeder)
2. Sharon Y
3. Sandy R

4. Ma Family

Stella Luna of Puppy Patch & Moonstruck Andy

Expected Breeding Date: June 2018

F1 Bernedoodles
Standards at 60 lbs in tri-colours

This litter is open.

1. Puppy Patch (breeder)
2. Puppy Patch (breeder)
3. Michael B

4. open
5. open
6. open

Upcoming Summer litters planned!

Multi-gen Australian Labradoodles
Please see the ‘Girls’ page for information.

Puppy Patch Mocha Latte Swirl’ to Mountain Park’s Sir Winston
Puppy Patch Miss Stella Jeans ‘Stella’ to Mountain Park’s Sir Winston
Puppy Patch Kisses From Heaven ‘Abby’ to unknow